Nubian Heritage – Conditioner Co-wash Indian Hemp


Indian Hemp Vegan Co-Wash from Nubian Heritage helps you rediscover the majesty of your crowning glory. If your hair is damaged or over-processed, ditch the shampoo habit and opt for softer, healthier, tangle-free tresses with our organic co-wash.

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34 in stock

The idea behind co-washing - aka conditioner washing - is that regular shampoos strip away all your scalp's natural emollients with the dirt, leaving your hair dry, brittle and out of control. Using a specially formulated conditioner instead of shampoo, like Indian Hemp Vegan Co-Wash from Nubian Heritage, cleans away the dirt without all that drama.

We've infused our low-lather organic co-wash with tamanu oil and bamboo extract to fortify hair follicles and nourish your mane. While it's not a fragrance-free co-wash, our proprietary blend of essential oils contains no synthetic fragrances for a light, refreshing scent. Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Vegan Co-Wash with authentic hemp seed oil treats your hair to a kinder, gentler clean.

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